Working Cane Corso VS Watered down show dog

Should you purchase a Cane Corso from a Show Breeder or a Breeder that uses their stock for original purposes?

The Cane Corso was first and foremost a Working Dog so the answer to that question is pretty obvious. Another question would be why should I purchase a dog from a Working breeder if I just want a pet companion?

Breeders that breed specifically for dog shows tend to neglect the temperament of their dogs. They are breeding specifically for a look which is actually even the incorrect look of the dog. They tend to breed more for the boxer type which make no mistake really does have a heavy percentage of Boxer mixed in it. This leads to not only a weaker temperament dog but also a lot of Health issues including epilepsy. Here at Primo Cane Corso, we are one of the few Cane Corso breeders to have a legit Bloodline from selective inbreeding and line breeding. We are truly passionate about this breed and take pride in our work. We select for durable dogs that are versatile and capable so even if you only want a pet companion you can expect  a dog who is stable, confident and willing to protect you and your family.