Cane Corso Guard dog

The Cane Corso makes an extremely effective home guardian. Some Cane Corso will even be suited for Personal Protection as well. We are not licensed trainers but we work with several very closely and could point you in the right direction. Our foundation stock have all been tested for specific traits that we feel make a good Guardian.

1. loyalty to there family and pack

2. High sense of responsibility

3. a healthy amount of suspicion towards strangers

4. Willingness to engage a threat if needed.




































Primarily the Cane Corso was used as an estate guardian but was also used as a Catch Dog for wild boar. They are a versatile breed with high intelligence. Consistent socialization is very important for them, especially in their first year of life. Because these guardian traits have been bred into them for so long they tend to figure out were there property line is very quickly. Most will not leave there territory as well which is a good thing. However they still need proper containment and basic obedience because if some one that is not in your family  walks on your property they may see them as an intruder and act accordingly.