Old School Cane Corso vs Boxer Hybrid

Ive added two pictures, one of two traditional Cane Corso puppies and the other of a Boxer hybrid so you can see the differences in type.

Notice the huge difference in head type and expression. Look at the poppy (bulging) eyes on the boxer hybrid puppy, this is a big no no when breeding for traditional type. Also notice the ugly alien like head shape very similar to that of a Boxer puppy. Let’s not forget about that horrible muzzle with a hard stop that looks eerily similar to a Boxer. Also notice the ear placement on this puppy, that is a dead give away that there is heavy Boxer influence in this dog. Now look at the two traditional pups, both have the majestic expression of a true Molosser without any boxer or bulldog influence as well as a beautiful double coat. This is what you want to see when selecting for traditional traits. I hope this was educational and helps you understand the difference between a true Rustic Corso and those masquerading as one. We at Primo Cane Corso are proud to be the only breeders in Florida that are truly working to preserve these traditional traits.