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  2. Great work.. I enjoyed visiting your site. Very interested in cane corsos.
    My 15 yr old rottweiler STARR passed a few yrs back… this chuck of love breed will be considered in my choices… Hello from east Milton.

  3. I have a female from Prima Donna and Chugar. I have spoken to a lot of breeders, saw a lot of puppies from other breeders and this breeder was by far the best. My Corso is super smart, at 5 months old she already weights 58 pounds, she was the second smallest of the litter. Her health is perfect, she passed her orthopedic exam for her health insurance, and she is the smartest dog I have ever owned. They breed for health, temperament and intelligence and it shows in the puppies they produce. I fully intend on getting a second puppy from them when I save up enough money. They are worth every penny you spend because if you find one less expensive somewhere, I guarantee you it will cost you in the long run with health issues. This is the best place to get a Corso puppy in the state of Florida!

  4. I am so excited to have found Primo cane corso. Seth you are wonderful and have made my next books beyond imaginable. I can do this now. Take the Cane Corso to Britannia. And with your help, the corso will be awesome. Oh yes. God bless

  5. Thank you so much. We are so excited for the book and so glad I can help. You are an amazing author!

  6. We purchased our first Cane Corso with Primo in Sept of 2021. We had looked for sometime to find a reputable breeder. As luck would have it, when we came across Primo it was just in time for a new liter. We were able to bring home the Corso of my dreams. Primo was great to work with and very knowledgeable on the breed. We are still very much impressed our Duke. He is the definition of a true Cane Corso inside and out. Thank you Primo for a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend.

  7. Been researching Cane Corso dogs for a while now after seeing Primos dogs no need to look any further they are the real deal exactly what I am looking for.

  8. These are by far the best Corso’s I’ve come across in the states. Keep up the good work.

  9. I am pleased to mention Primocanecorso. These beautiful people that not only make you feel part of the family, but also are very knowledgeable and will teach you any information of Cane Corso. Best decision I can make with my puppy. All my kids are happy and enjoying our new family member Kano our Cane Corso. Thank you once again
    Primo Cane Corso. Good business people and respectful. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is interested.

  10. We are so happy he went to an awesome family and we can’t wait until you guys get your next one!

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