Georgia Royalty K9 dog training services

I get a lot of clients asking me who is a good trainer to use for obedience / protection etc. Ive worked with a lot of different trainers so it took me some time to be able to answer that question with confidence. Que Bailey CEO of Georgia Royalty K9 is by far the best that I have worked with and the only trainer that I’m comfortable recommending. His attention to detail and ability to read a dog is second to none. Regardless of breed he can definitely help you reach your goal whether its just obedience , protection work or you are looking to compete in sports like PSA or APPDA he can get you and your dog ready. We are currently on the road to competing with one of my personal dogs and I could not be happier with the progress she is making every week. He’s located in Georgia right on the Alabama line and I drive all the way from the panhandle of Florida to work with him because he is worth the trip to me. Feel free to reach out to him at 706-386-2269 if you have any questions.