Florida’s Premier Breeder of Working Cane Corso’s

 We can confidently say that we are the only Breeders in Florida producing true working Cane Corso’s without any boxer influence. Nowadays its becoming a trend to advertise Cane Corso’s with the words “Rustic” or “Old School” in front of them but those same dogs they are advertising carry a high percentage of Boxer blood. You can be assured if you get your Corso from us that you are really getting “Old School” blood. This is not a fad to us that we are trying to cash in on for a quick buck. We truly believe in preserving the breed that we fell in love with many years ago. We are proud that we can say that we have tested just about every dog that was used in our program and that is why we are able to maintain and even enhance those traits in our dogs. Some breeders think just because there dogs growl and look mean in its cage that it will actually stand up to a threat in real life. Most the time that is not the case that is why we take it a step further and prove that the dogs will.  We have supplied the whole state of Florida with traditional Cane Corso from Clients who want a Guardian for their family as well as up and coming breeders. Breeders have built entire breeding programs from our dogs alone and there is a reason for that. Since the day we got our first Corso we knew there was something special about this Majestic Breed and we intend to keep those traits intact forever. Primo Cane Corso = Often imitated but never duplicated.