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We are traditional Cane Corso breeders in the Florida Panhandle. We believe in producing dogs that are true to the old type – in temperament & appearance. We pride ourselves in being the only breeders in Florida with traditional working-type Cane Corsos. We believe a Cane Corso should be a strong, stable guardian and that is what we aim to produce. Our dogs develop a unique bond with their family and pack  members, which makes them exceptional protectors. We are located on 4 acres and our dogs are raised  with our children. At Primo Cane Corso we value our customers and strive to meet all of their needs.


Cane Corso Breeders

Our breeding program has a heavy focus towards what we feel is a true, rustic Cane Corso. The word rustic to us describes the dogs over all ability to survive all elements while performing its task of keeping the property free of trespassers whether man or beast. We have been lucky enough to acquire some very old school blood. We like double coated Corso’s for the ability to adapt to different weather climates. We focus heavy on breeding dogs with scissor bites and good functioning muzzles. We like an adequate amount of bone, but not overdone to remain athletic. Through putting the right traits together, we achieve a beautiful balance and what we feel is the true Cane Corso.

Shipping Information

 We work with a few different ground shipping companies who will deliver your puppy to your front door if you are out of state and can’t travel.

We look forward to answering any and all questions and are always available to talk about our Cane Corso’s. This is truly our passion and we enjoy educating people on the breed .


The traditional / working Cane Corso should be a confident guardian with great character. A Cane Corso should be durable and built to perform multiple tasks. In Italy the Cane Corso had many names depending on the region they were in and varied in type. I became infatuated with the breed when I purchased my first one many years ago. Since then we have studied the Cane Corso thoroughly. Our studies have been through first hand experience as we have been fortunate enough to bring in dogs from all over the world including Italy. Through this process we have been able to select only the best performing specimens to be used in our program. We are in the process of developing multiple bloodlines to leave our legacy in the Cane Corso world forever.

This is Duke, He is 2 years old and is an excellent example of a Traditional Cane Corso. He was produced here and is now living his best life with his family in Alabama.


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